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Let’s get you ready for your spray tan, so you have ALL the details to feel comfortable and confident upon tan day.

Session Details
A Spray tan session involves standing in a spray tan tent or booth, where a fine mist made of up tanning solution will be gently sprayed onto your body. The tanning solution contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to give it a tan appearance. 

Tan Time

A certified professional airbrush spray tan is awesome! Instantaneous color, choice tan lines, sunny glow, and a tan bod. It’s more than just a spray tan! 


Appointment Day | 1-2 Days before your event

Never get your tan on the day of your event or trip. You want to give your tan 8-10 hours to develop, and don't forget to shower. 

Tanning Appointment | After Beauty Treatments

Get your nails, waxing, facials, and massages done before your spray tan appointment.

Spray Tans Longevity

Your spray tan will last approximately a week. Some people will keep their color longer with proper care and body products, and others will be less, like ones who work out, get sweaty, take several showers a day, or are frequently in a pool or hot tub.

Professional Airbrush Spray Tans Are The BEST

A custom airbrush spray tan is going to look more natural and real than a booth spray.  I describe the difference like this…. the booth spray is an automated service. A professional airbrush spray tan is one on one personalized session just for you.


Nice and smooth skin. Get in that shower and scrub all the dry skin and body product residue off your cute self.  Use a mild soap or shower wash. No Dove soap, ever, like never ever.   Also, wearing make up will block the tanning solution from developing in its entirety…. NO Makeup or less is best when it comes to foundation!

Kinda Naked or Not 

Girls wear anything, from full one-piece swimsuits, to bra and panties, to just panties.. (we recommend a thin snug thong) or bare.  Most babes go topless. If you prefer not to go topless, a strapless bikini top or bandeau is best for minimal tan lines.

Spray Tan Time

All spray tan artists have different techniques.  My routine is upper to lower, starting with the back, arms and chest first, then on to the legs. Will we do another once over to ensure you are golden. Finishing with hands, feet, and all the little details. I will guide you to position your body throughout the session.

Finish Line

I will make sure your skin is dry and will apply drying powder for the finale!

Extra Extra Casual After Your Spray Tan

Loose soft dark clothes are the best thing to wear after your tan to protect it while it is developing.


As your tan is developing it is going to get darker.  There is a bronzer that you can see initially (like makeup) and the sunless solution takes some time to develop on your skin.  As this process is occurring you will end up with a fully developed spray tan with the bronzer sitting on top, the bronzer  will wash off in your first shower revealing your fresh tan.

Dry Dry 

Do not get sweaty, do not get wet. No dishes for you tonight!

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